Tessa Baker

Cosmologist at Queen Mary University of London.

Welcome to my homepage. I'm a physicist who works primarily on gravity and the complex role it plays in shaping our universe. I study topics such as dark energy and modified gravity, gravitational waves, galaxy surveys and the large-scale structure of the cosmos.

My work is supported by a fellowship grant from the Royal Society and an ERC Starting Grant, with project title SHADE.

You can find out more about my work using the links below.

PS: A few pages on this site are loading a bit slowly at the moment. They're not blank, just give it a few seconds. A fix is on my to-do list...


Click here to find out more about my scientific interests.


The SHADE project, funded by the European Research Council.


Meet my lovely research group at QMUL.


You can find out some details of my track record here.


A little running log of brief life/work updates.

Links & Things

Some science material for download, and a few other things I like.